Our Service

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    Individual Counselling

    Paying Attention to yourself by discussing your thoughts and feelings about any area of your life that you may wish to explore.

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    Tellephone Counselling

    Individuals who find it difficult to access a professional counsellor in their locality.

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    Life Coaching

    Life coaching is a creative, thought-provoking and confidential process that will inspire you to maximise your personal and professional potential.

Our Service Information

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Promoting Positive Thoughts

‘Cognitive Behavioral Therapy’ (C.B.T) is not a new concept it is used to treat people by empowering the unrealistic and negative thoughts that can cause distress in life. When individuals go through distress they tend to interpret situations which have negative impact on the actions or decisions they take.

Our aim in using CBT is to help individuals to become aware about their negative thoughts and behavior patterns so that they develop alternative ways of behaving and thinking to reduce psychological distress.

Our experts work with clients and help them to understand their:

• Faulty cognitions

• Cognitive deficiencies

• Cognitive distortions

In the secondary stage, our experts help clients to evaluate their distorted cognitions and discriminate between their unrealistic thoughts and reality. Clients are able to learn the influence their distorted cognition has on their feelings and this helps them to monitor and observe their thoughts.

The third stage is the ‘management of behavior’. The client is encouraged to log thoughts in a form of diary. This in return helps the client to reflect on their thoughts so that they distinguish and challenge their irrational beliefs.

The fourth stage helps clients to be independent of identifying their unhelpful beliefs that prove them wrong. This results in a positive behavioral change that helps clients to transition back in enjoying life while taking responsibility for their own thoughts and actions.

P.S: Patients diagnosed with mental health illnesses such as: Schizophrenia, bi-polar disorder, personality disorder or are on anti-psychotic drugs; you need to take advice from professional health experts like psychiatrists or local clinical social workers/psychologists who you are able to meet physically.

(We strongly discourage online counseling for such diagnosed patients)

We welcome clients who have the following problems:

• Anxiety issues

• Social Anxiety/ Phobia

• Low Self Confidence and Self-Esteem

• Depression

• Relationship Problems (Marriage, Separation, Divorce etc)

• Stress

• Examination Phobia

• Phobia’s of any kind

• Low motivation

Psychological Assessments

Psychological Assessments for Adults :

Psychological Assessments is an additional service provided by 'Etsah' as professionals in the field, we will follow through the four stages of:

• Conducting Clinical Interview

• Assessment of Personality

• Assessment of Behavior

In the first stage of clinical interview, we will gather relevant background information or rather psycho-socio history to determine the need for psychological assessment. Based on the clinical interview, we will prepare our client/patient for the personality/behavior or IQ assessment.

Psychological Assessments for Children :

There are various assessments that are conducted for children. However, we would be providing the following options:

• Personality Questionnaire for Children Instrument

• Development Inventory for Children

• Depression Inventory for Children

• Cognitive Abilities and Non-Verbal Intelligence

• Utilization of Rorschach technique.

Career Guidance

At ‘Etsah’ we walk with you and take a closer look at your education, work history, strengths, accomplishments, problem areas, values, skills, goals and objectives. We conduct ‘career testing assessment’ that helps us to examine your career interests and personality type. We draw a clear picture of your objectives after which we connect with you to explore, clarify and research career possibilities that suit your vision and interests in life.

Self Assessment on Career

We allow you to learn about yourself through brief questionnaires inspired by Myers Briggs Personality Test, as these questionnaires will help you in assessing your personality type. This will help you to be clearer and focused in your career path.


Exploration phase is related to ‘research’, in this phase we dig out on ‘career possibilities’ that are a good fit for you. We do the following in the exploration stage:

• Collaborate with people/organizations to see career in action

• Gather key information to take further step in choosing college/ or career

• We communicate and coordinate with the institutions/organizations of your choice to help you reach your career objective.

Career Planning

Choosing the right institution is not the end of your ‘Career Objective’ we make sure to create your personalized development plan, so that it remains as a guideline addressing your six months, one year, two years, or ten years career life plan. Though things change all the time and your career plan may change, nonetheless, it remains as a guide so that you don’t stumble or get confused about your career objectives while discovering new things along the way.

Personal Growth and Development

At ‘Etsah’ we walk with you and take a closer look at your education, work history, strengths, accomplishments, problem areas, values, skills, goals and objectives. We understand your Personality type to help you achieve your growth by helping you excel in the areas of:

Our U.K Expert Mr. Dave Wells will conduct these sessions Individually or in a Group

• English Language Communication Skills

• Interpersonal Relationship Skills

• Be Confident in your Interviews

• Public Speaking