Stuti Pardhe

This is Stuti Pardhe (Mental Health Practitioner). I have been qualified from the U.S.A with my Masters in Social Work (Management) and later on I took clinical subjects in Mental Health due to my passion in Therapeutic Counseling. I have pursued my certifications in ‘Treatment Planning and Program Notation, Clinical Psychopharmacology, and Neuro Linguistic Programming. I have been practicing as a mental health practitioner for more than seven years. I am currently pursuing my ‘Doctor of Naturopathy’ degree from the College of IBMS Philippines. I look forward to completing my degree so that I can practice as a Naturopath as well while continuing to help individuals who struggle with emotional issues in their daily life.


I am glad you are actually taking time to read and learn more about ‘Etsah’. The meaning of ‘Etsah’ (Hebrew word) is ‘Counsel’ or ‘Advice’. Our experiences in life encouraged and motivated us to start something that is unique and genuinely different from the rest of the services provided by many other similar business organizations.

We are here with the aim of making a difference in the life of an individual/s by helping him/her find solutions to their own problems related to career, mental health or education. We are here to professionally guide:

1. Advice / counsel in the areas of career development and professional growth

2. Solve your mental health related issues with the help of Cognitive behavioural therapy

3. For your Professional Development we have an U.K Expert who would train you to: Enhance your communication skills by teaching you English through Listening, Reading, Speaking and Writing.

We believe in genuine and authentic relationships, and therefore we never take a chance of giving false promises. Therefore we encourage meeting you for the first few sessions online so that you can make that wise call and judgment on ‘Etsah’. We want to connect with you so that we can assess your need to start the secondary process of planning and execution.