‘Etsah’ is a website with a triune objective of providing ‘counsel’ through

• Designed objectives to facilitate right career path, professional growth and development

• Motivation and re-modeling thought processes for mental well-being and promotion of healthy life.

• Relax and Calm your mind with the 'Art of Imagery Meditation Technique and Breathing Therapy Exercise'

‘Etsah’as the name states- ‘counsel’ or ‘advise’ is a planned inception as it is a current need of today. There is need for ‘counsel’ or ‘advise’ in almost every field; whether it is to plan a career, or find solutions to the problems related to stress, depression, relationships, etc or get assistance with assignments and research proposals through online sessions. Whatever may be your current struggle, I along with my team are here to discover, connect and impart the right knowledge for growth and success of every individual that knocks the door of ‘Etsah’.

Why ‘Etsah’?

Etsah is unique and genuine because

• We deliver outcome based results

• We believe in time achievable objectives

• We believe in your positive transformation as a confident individual or student.

• We charge fees based on your satisfaction

Online Sessions

We are in the 21st century and thanks to the technology for making it possible to reach and connect with the global clientele. For your convenience we will be offering paid sessions through:

  • Chat services

  • Phone Call

    +91 9610170046

  • Skype (Online sessions)

    Stuti Pardhe

  • Email Queries

We understand that sometimes it is hard to find time to sit for an hour long sessions. Therefore we have designed our system in a way that is profitable to you both ways; we strongly encourage and recommend video sessions (Skype) or live chat sessions so that the need is immediately addressed.

P.S (In case of mental health issues, we are not an emergency help provider and therefore in such cases it is important you contact your health service provider or emergency hotline services immediately)